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Bohemian Bottle brings premium packaging to a whole new level.

It is a one-stop shop that offers premium bottles, custom colour coating and printing, machine glass cutting and unique glass closures under one roof. Turn your packaging to a true original with Bohemian Bottle.


From 1000 bottles

Thanks to our unique capabilities, you can order from just 1000 custom bottles without the need to pay for expensive mould. Bohemian Bottle helps you special editions stand out and become premium collectibles.

All under one roof

The whole process – from the initial concept development to final delivery – is organised in one place. We save valuable production time, cost and help your product to be on shelves in the minimum possible time.

Amazing customisation

Our expert team helps you to create amazing packaging for your product. The selection of bottle, design of custom glass cutting, bottle colouring and branding and the selection of best glass closure to fit your brand.

How it works
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    Choose your bottle

    Create, design, customise or choose from hundreds of premium glass bottles. We offer unique shapes and glass colours that you won’t find anywhere else.

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    Design your glass cut

    Different brands need different styles. Choose from existing cut-patterns or send us your own idea. We can also prepare a unique glass cut design just for your brand.

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    Add de luxe branding

    Add branding with hot stamping, printing with real gold or platinum, high-gloss UV inks or thermoplastic colours. Or have the whole bottle coated to your specifications.

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    SEAL it with glass

    Choose from thousands of variations of the premium glass top that seals your bottle perfectly while turning your product into a beautiful artefact. Or design your own.



Bohemian Bottle is formed by four Czech leaders in premium packaging for spirits, water, wine and oils.



    Sklárny Moravia is a boutique glasswork specialised in premium quality. We offer hard to find items in very small quantities in premium flint, flint, amber and pitch black colour. We produce unique glass bottles tailored to your needs and exclusive series from 10 000 pieces.

  • glass cutTING

    glass cutTING

    Unique Bottle offers premium-quality machine cutting for spirit bottles and drinking glasses. The unique taste of your spirits is reflected in a unique bottle design. We turn bottles into little pieces of luxury inspired by traditional bohemian crystal decanters.

  • de luxe branding

    de luxe branding

    Pepper Decor is a family run company that offers premium industrial glass decoration. Our full service includes design, decoration, packaging, changing equipment and delivery. The company has over twenty years of experience in glass decoration and treatment.

  • de luxe branding

    glass CLOSURE

    Vinolok is the most elegant and creative closure for still wines, spirits, water, and oils. It’s made from pure Bohemian glass and it transforms every bottle into exceptional packaging. Vinolok turns each bottle into a memorable luxury article – while being fully recyclable.

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